Protecting business assets through risk control and risk financing for construction projects
and ongoing maintenance on your premises.

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Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP) are insurance programs purchased by a plant, project or property Owner most commonly consisting of workers compensation, general liability and umbrella liability insurance for all Enrolled Contractors involved in providing on-site work to green field construction projects and to new construction or ongoing maintenance work at existing industrial facilities.

An OCIP, also known as a "wrap-up" or depending on its structure as a "rolling wrap-up," has proven to be a very successful program for numerous Owners and its participating contractors. In addition to lower costs for all achieved from economies of scale, benefits to enrolled contractors include:
  • Improved, site specific loss control designed with the site work and safety culture in mind;
  • Reduced or eliminated litigation costs, one carrier provides all coverage;
  • Effective claims management, designed with appropriate handling philosophies and putting you in control of claims settlements;
  • Assurance of adequate limits and extent of coverage for all participants.
Other coverage that can be included in an OCIP could include builder's risk or installation floater risks, professional liability, equipment floater and even surety in some cases. The specific nature of the project will determine whether coverage is expanded to these risks.

Contractors participating in OCIP insurance programs are entitled to deduct the payroll reported to the OCIP from their own insurance programs based on the payroll reported to the OCIP or revenues associated with such payroll, so in most all situations there is not a "double cost" of insurance. The Owner of the project pays the cost of OCIP insurance directly to the insurance carrier.

An OCIP is a proven method of providing insurance for work projects that not only provides significant benefits to Owners, but also permits and facilitates Enrolled Contactors to retain control of their work. Under an effectively administered OCIP, Enrolled Contractors are still responsible for:
  • maintaining control of their work and their employees;
  • dealing with loss exposures and establish safety procedures; and,
  • managing the outcome of their claims to an effective conclusion.